Now that we’ve covered the basics you want to start light painting but you don’t have any tools currently or don’t want to wait? Well I got you covered. You can either watch the video above or follow along with the rest of the blog. First you’ll need to go to the Google Store and download the Color Flashlight application. You can do this here. It is a bit of a misnomer as it doesn’t actually change the color of your flashlight on your phone but the screen of your phone instead. Once you open the application you’ll come across a screen similar to this. You can flip the color on and off by clicking on the button right button. (4).gif

Next up we have the rainbow option if you click on the top right button it will bring down a list of three options. Click on the left most option and it will allow you to to choose loads of different lighting options! For our first section we are going to use the rainbow. This is located on the bottom left. I love rainbows and this will create some gorgeous effects. Here is GIF showing you how as well as I picture I created using this effect. If you would like to chance the speed of which the flashing happens use the slider on the bottom of the screen. (3).gifadamrainbow.JPGAfter that we have the police siren option. This specifically allows for only the colors of red and blue to light paint with but it still creates a nice effect. You can get to this effect by clicking the upper right option again and clicking on the siren icon in the middle top. Here is another image created with that (2).gifaprilpolice.JPGLast but not least we have just using the flashlight itself! No need for an app for that. However it does make it easier to turn it on and off using the option on the screen. You can switch from the other modes by clicking the top left button. This is what that looks like. Here is a picture that was created too.Capture+_2020-02-22-12-48-44.pngadamflashlight.JPGIf you want to see how this works in action be sure to watch the video above. All pictures that I took were using a camera on a tripod and I had a remote trigger. You don’t have to have a remote trigger to this this but of course it makes it easier, and of course if you are using your phone as the remote trigger I’m not sure if you can switch between the two. These images were shot at ISO 1000, aperture of 2.8, and shutter speed was around 10 seconds. The reason for the high ISO is because the Color Flashlight isn’t super bright so you need to accommodate by increasing your ISO and lower your aperture as much as you think is necessary. Have fun light painting with your cell phone!