russell klimas headshot

A couple years ago I discovered the style of light painting photography. Since then, it’s kept me up late into the night- with new ideas, photoshoots and editing taking up a good chunk of my free time. Most of my light painting work is done after the sun goes down, and outside of my daytime work as a web developer (my sister jokes I’ve turned into a bat but I do a good Bartok impression) it’s my favorite way to spend my time.

A majority of what you see on this website was created without the use of photo manipulation software, which is a characteristic of my style of light painting. Almost all photos are taken with long exposures, a few other handy devices besides my camera, and a lot of strategic planning. I love pushing the limits of what is capable in a photograph without using photo editing software. Approaching my photography this way pushes me to be better, create more interesting images, and allows me to spend less time behind a computer screen.

On a personal note, my desire to make light painting my full-time career was further increased when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer late in 2017. My love for light painting provided a ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel (pun intended) that I thought about everyday while receiving treatment and fighting cancer. After a long fight with a team of incredible doctors and the support of my friends and family, the cancer is in remission – since then I’ve decided to pursue light painting with more rigor than ever before. It’s going to be one heck of a ride.

Photo Press

News Break February 2023

Fashion Interest February 2023

Upworthy February 2023

Jeneration Magazine December 2020

Light Painting Photography December 2020

Eddy Sound July 2020

DIY Photography June 2020

F Stoppers May 2020

Petapixel May 2020

Platypod April 2020

Petapixel March 2020

Drone Watch February 2020

BBC January 2020

Popular Mechanics January 2020

My Modern Met January 2020

Fox 21 News January 2020

DIYPhotography January 2020

Petapixel January 2020

Fox21 News December 2019

Voyage Denver December 2019

Fox21 News October 2019

Tedx Colorado Springs Sep 2019

Tokudane!, July 2019

DailyMail UK, February 2019

The Telegraph, February 2019

Petapixel, February 2019

DIYphotography, February 2019

DroneDJ, February 2019

Dronethusiast, February 2019

Petapixel, August 2018

DIYphotography, August 2018

Techeblog, August 2018

LPWA Morocco Exhibition – October 2018


Government of Saudi Arabia


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)



Ants on a Melon

Speaking Engagements

WPPI 2023

ImagingUSA 2023

Professional Photographers of Colorado 2022

WPPI 2022

Professional Photographers of Colorado Springs, 2020, 2021

TedxTalk 2019





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