If you would rather watch a video watch the one above!

The first image that we are going to create using light painting blades is making a wormhole or crown of sorts with our blade, behind our model. I like to use blades from lightpaintingbrushes.com (use the code RKW20 for 10% off) don’t forget to get a universal connector! Like with all light painting images make sure you have a decently dark space and a flashlight that can do  strobe for this first image. Also it’s important to note that you have your camera focused first and then keep it on manual for this to work. Otherwise your picture will be blurry. You may light your model with flash or handheld up to you.

In your dark room stand behind your model and start with the blade pointed down behind your models head so that it is hidden form the camera. Start your exposure whether it’s timed or wireless remote and rotate the blade like a clock around her head to the beginning point. Then if you want to make another bigger crown or wormhole then drop the blade farther down from where you started and then making a bigger clock circle. If you would like a visual watch here. Don’t forget to use flash at the end (or beginning) of your exposure or just light your model up with a flashlight.


To make our second image (as seen above) we take our blade again but with no strobe. Then we apply some stingy gels that you can get off of Amazon, and you hold the gels against the blade with your pointer and middle fingers on the back of the blade and your thumb on the top.

pointer and middle fingerthumb

Then once you have a comfortable grip, turn out the lights, start your exposure and wave your blade around! You can see an example here. Of course end with flash or lighting our model with a flashlight.

It’s important to note you can also do this without gels but I love having multiple colors and this is an easy way to do it in one go.

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