When starting a light painting with the feather blade make sure you start your shutter and then turn on the flashlight onto strobe behind your model. If you haven’t already done so insert the flashlight into the feather blade with the universal connector and move back and forth from your models back creating as many trails of the feather tool as you like. Once you’ve finished behind your models back turn off the flashlight and click the shutter once more. Congrats! You’ve now just made some wings with light! There are multiple different wings you can make so get creative!

The first style with the tubes is created using a t8 or 12 tube with one flashlight in it. Start your shutter. Then pick either a shoulder or hip to start from, turn on your flashlight, and make a swipe up or down to create the wing on that side. Next, turn off your flashlight. The reason we do this is so we can have separation for the wings. Then start again, turning the flashlight on, at the opposite hip or shoulder and swipe up to down depending on how you want to make the other wing. Once finished turn off the flashlight and click your shutter to capture the light painting. It can take quite a lot of practice to get decent wings. I know I still need work on them!