Lightpainting Complicated Drone Shapes

A few months ago I was inspired to try and see what shapes I could create while attaching a Lumecube to my drone. I’d seen people like Phill Fisher do shapes in the sky manually and was extremely impressed but didn’t have the time to learn how to fly shapes manually. So instead I scoured the net on drone apps that could make things like this possible, and this was my discovery.

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Top Down Drone Lightpainting

So there are a couple different ways to use drones to lightpaint. Some people will attach Lumecubes to their drone and paint an environment with them or will fly a drone around the sky or an object and have the drones lights creating images in the sky. However there is another way to use them that isn’t widely used yet. That is using the drones camera to capture light painting from above.

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Light Painting Rainbows

In my personal opinion the fantastic thing about the rainbow material is that it can give a wide variety of effects depending on how you use it. For me I generally shoot in complete darkness using two flashlights with a low ISO and a high f-stop of 8 or 9 to get my desired effect.

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Russell Klimas