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A couple years ago I discovered the style of lightpainting photography. Since then, it’s kept me up late into the night- with new ideas, photoshoots and editing taking up a good chunk of my free time. Most of my lightpainting work is done after the sun goes down, and outside of my daytime work as a web developer (my sister jokes I’ve turned into a bat but I do a good Bartok impression) it’s my favorite way to spend my time.

Everything you see on this website was created without the use of Photoshop, which is a characteristic of my style of lightpainting. All photos are taken with long exposures, a few other handy devices besides my camera, and a lot of strategic planning. I love pushing the limits of what is capable in a photograph without using photo editing software. Approaching my photography this way pushes me to be better, create more interesting images, and allows me to spend less time behind a computer screen.

On a personal note, my desire to make lightpainting my full-time career was further increased when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer late in 2017. My love for lightpainting provided a ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel (pun intended) that I thought about everyday while receiving treatment and fighting cancer. After a long fight with a team of incredible doctors and the support of my friends and family, the cancer is in remission – since then I’ve decided to pursue lightpainting with more rigor than ever before. It’s going to be one heck of a ride.



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